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Saudi Light & Sound Co located with SEA

Saudi Light & Sound (SLS) Expo
7-9 MAY 2024

Riyadh Front Exhibition & Conference Center

SLS Expo Agenda 2024

Saudi Entertainment & Amusement Expo Hero


Keynote Address - Entertainment Reimagined: Saudi Cultural and Entertainment Reforms shaping the Sound & Light Industry

08 May 2024
Riyadh Front Exhibition & Conference Center

This engaging keynote navigates the delicate balance between innovation and cultural sensitivities, showcasing groundbreaking projects that redefine the boundaries of technology, design, and creativity.

Key takeaways

  • Witnessing how these advancements are influencing and shaping Saudi Arabia's dynamic sound and light industry
  • Harmonizing technological advancements with traditional practices, fostering a unique blend that sets the stage for the future of entertainment
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