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PRO LAB Announces Exciting New Partnerships

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PRO LAB Announces Exciting New Partnerships

PRO LAB, the region's leading destination for audio-visual, lighting, staging, rigging systems and equipment in the GCC region, has announced exciting new partnerships with three well-established brands in the audiovisual market: Portman, Audinate, and TiMax.

Portman and Pro Lab Partnership


The partnership with Portman, a global stage lighting brand, combines PRO LAB's extensive experience in retail and distribution with Portman's passion for designing and manufacturing stage lighting fixtures. By working together, they hope to bring to the market some of the most advanced lighting products that balance form and function.

The partnership with Portman will enhance PRO LAB's existing offerings, enabling the company to provide clients with stage lighting solutions that meet their individual needs.

"We are delighted to partner with Portman, a renowned brand for its iconic lighting designs," said Rami Haber, CEO of PRO LAB. "Our partnership aligns with our commitment to provide our clients with the most advanced and high-quality    equipment, services, and support."



The second partnership is with Audinate, a provider of professional AV networking technologies. The company's flagship Dante platform allows for distributing digital audio and video signals over computer networks, revolutionising how people experience audio. By partnering with Audinate, PRO LAB can offer cutting-edge technology that will help elevate both brands in the audio industry.

"We believe this partnership will revolutionise how our customers experience audio," said Rami. "PRO LAB's vast partner network for entertainment and installation markets, along with our extensive knowledge base for AV networking technology, in general, will be an excellent addition to Dante's expansion in this dynamic region."


Pro Lab and Audinate Partnership


Pro Lab and TiMax Partnership


The final partnership is with TiMax, a brand at the forefront of immersive audio technology. PRO LAB has been appointed as the exclusive distribution partner for TiMax SoundHub, TiMax Tracker D4, and the full range of TiMax solutions in the GCC region.

Designed to work effectively with any loudspeaker on the market, TiMax SoundHub offers PRO LAB's extensive network the freedom to tailor system solutions according to their individual technical and budgetary requirements.

"We are more than happy to partner with TiMax," said Rami. "With TiMax, we can offer our clients unparalleled versatility, creativity, and engagement."

In addition to providing the latest audiovisual solutions, PRO LAB’s newly constructed experience center will be equipped with all the latest brands and products, allowing customers to demo these technologies and receive training to successfully implement them into their projects, shows, and installations.

The partnerships with Portman, Audinate, and TiMax represent a significant milestone for PRO LAB as the company continues to expand its offerings and provide customers with the latest audiovisual solutions.


About PRO LAB:

PRO LAB is one of the most established and well-renowned names in the world of professional audio-visual and stage equipment retail and distribution in the GCC and MENA regions. The company offers a comprehensive range of audio-visual, lighting, staging, rigging systems and equipment, covering all client needs and requirements under one roof. PRO LAB is committed to innovation, quality, and sustainability and has a global presence with operations in the GCC region.

Contact PRO LAB now

Phone: + 971 4 266 2477   |   E-mail:
Ground Floor, PBU - C42, Dubai Production City, P.O. Box: 184680, Dubai, UAE



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