Saudi Light & Sound Co located with SEA

Saudi Light & Sound (SLS) Expo
28 - 30 MAY 2023 | 3pm - 9pm

Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre

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Exhibitor Brochures

  • PRO LAB Brand & Product Catalogue

    PRO LAB Trading LLCPle

    PRO LAB: Brand & Product Catalogue

  • PRO LAB Corporate Profile

    PRO LAB Trading LLC

    PRO LAB: The Region's Destination for Audio-Visual Solutions

  • ES:ME Brochure

    29 Jan 2023 ES:ME Marketing

    We Use Our Experience To Create Yours

  • As experts in the domains of special effects and machinery, CRYSTAL masters the handling of water, fire, and ice as well as their integration into made-to-measure systems. 

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